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The White Rabbit – Singapore Food Review

October 21, 2017
The white rabbit 36-hour brandt shortribs

As I took a step out of the car, smelling of stale cigarette smoke, I was unexpectedly greeted with a traditional church sign that read “Praise the Lard” – humourous for all, I suspect – before I gawk at the amazingly beautiful architecture.

I believe my friends and I were the oddballs, thorns among the roses. The other diners seemed to be businessman/woman or at least of the affluent sort while we looked like kids trying something a little out of our range. But in all seriousness, the service staffs were professional and efficient. I really love the splendour interior with the warm incandescent glow of the lights adding on a romantic touch to the atmosphere.

The White Rabbit Truffle En Croute

Truffle En Croute

The White Rabbit Lobster Bisque

Lobster Bisque

The White Rabbit Ocean Trout Tartare

Ocean Trout

Fast forward to the food, for the appetizers, we ordered the Truffle En Croute ($18), Lobster Bisque ($38) and Ocean Trout Tartare ($18). Can I just say that the Truffle En Croute is a bit of a disappointment? I know truffle has a very delicate flavour but there was not much flavour at all, only a hint of fragrance at the end of a sip. Lobster bisque pretty standard, not too bad. Out of all the appetizers we tried, the best has got to be the Ocean Trout Tartare. Trout was fresh, served with – what looks very much like traditional condiments for caviar – accompaniments, the only comment I have, outstanding. For a non-raw fish eater like me to appreciate trout tartare is a feat on its own!

The white rabbit 36-hour brandt shortribs

36-Hour Brandt Shortribs

Moving on to the main course, we had the Truffle Pasta ($46), Alaskan King Crab Tagliatelle ($42) and 36-hour Brandt  Shortribs ($42). The one that stole the spotlight for the evening must be the short ribs. The meat was seriously tender, skillfully glazed with ruby port glaze giving an extra sweet and hint of smokey flavour to the already wonderful meat.

The White Rabbit Alaskan King Crab Tagliatelle

Alaskan King Crab Tagliatelle

The White Rabbit Truffle Pasta

Truffle Pasta

The pasta on the other hand is a bit of a let down. Alaskan King Crab Tagliatelle was just passable as with the Truffle Pasta, they were very one-dimensional and too confusing on the palate respectively. On the positive, I think the pork broth and kombu helped mellow out the distinct bitter shellfish flavour yet preserved the sweetness of the crab furthermore they at least cooked the pasta till al dente!
First mouthful of the Truffle Pasta was decently enjoyable, but after, it gets rather cloying. The flavour profile is quite interesting, going from sweet to the fragrance of truffle then a tinge of sourness. It does have a nice crunch to it with the cheese crackling sprinkled on top.

My only regret may be that I didn’t have the chance to sample the set menu and also their cocktails, as I have heard many raving compliments with regards to their beverages.

The White Rabbit has an extraordinary atmosphere with a charming interior, I would definitely come back for another visit in future! Although some dishes were leaning slightly to the side of Disappointment Island, I definitely recommend the 36-hour Brandt Shortribs! For the pastas, maybe ordering the appetizer size will do.

Ratings: 7/10

Other Info
39C Harding Rd, 249541

Operating hours:
12pm-2.30pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm, Tuesday-Friday
10.30am-3pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm, Saturday & Sunday

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