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Ramen Tenji Singapore Food Review @ The Seletar Mall!

October 12, 2017
Ramen Tenji black garlic shogun

After a desperate attempt to keep fit with a short run, my friend and I decided that it was too tiring and we should exercise another part of our body, the stomach. Ramen Tenji just opened so we decided to try it, if it’s good we will go back regularly!

I guess the start of business for them wasn’t as smooth sailing as they had hoped. There were plenty of reviews stating how bad or average the food were and complaints of ill-prepared service staff. However do not let that change your mind about dining there. The ordering system is the same as Keisuke’s where they give you a sheet and you tick your preferences.

First off, I found the entire experience rather enjoyable. My friend and I went in just after the peak period so there were no queue. However, I think there is a severe shortage of kitchen staff as our dishes took up to 30 minutes before arriving.

Ramen Tenji pork gyozaWe shared the Pork Gyoza ($6) and I had the Signature Black Garlic Tonkotsu Shogun Ramen ($17.90) while my friend had the Signature Tonkotsu Shogun Ramen ($16.90). I found the gyoza rather average and bland while my friend thought it was okay. It’s served with rice vinegar (gyozas and dumplings are usually served with black vinegar) maybe because it’s not too strong and goes better with the light flavoured gyoza.

Ramen Tenji black garlic shogun

Signature Black Garlic Tonkotsu Shogun Ramen

Come the main dishes! The Shogun in the ramen is basically an addition of the marinated beef on top of the ramen! The beef is fantastic, sliced thinly and marinated throughout, so it’s quite tender! Broth is really flavourful – the difference between the black garlic tonkotsu and the original is that the black garlic broth has a deeper and sharper flavour. Their tonkotsu broth is also not bad, I like  the smooth and creamy texture that all tonkotsu broths give, but this is nothing special!

ramen tenji tonkotsu

Signature Tonkotsu Shogun Ramen

However, I find the black garlic tonkotsu broth was a tad too salty (even though I still drank all of it). There are also condiments by the side, spice seasoning, hot oil, and fried garlic chips. I recommend adding some garlic chips into the broths as it gives the soup an extra depth!

Ramen Tenji still has a lot to improve too get into my recommendation list, I wouldn’t put it in the same league with Menya Musashi and Ippudo. As my friend mentioned to me, at Menya Musashi additional ramen is FOC so maybe that would be the more value meal rather than this.

Ratings: 6/10

Other info:
The Seletar Mall #01-28

Operating hours:
10am-10pm, Daily

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