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Pietro Ristorante Italiano Singapore Food Review!

October 4, 2017
Pietro Fettuccine

Never judge a book by its cover

I just had dinner with my friends at Pietro Ristorante and I just had to share my experience. Situated along Yio Chu Kang Road, Jalan Kelulut, it seems to be the thorn among the roses since the area is filled with terrace house, semi-Ds and bungalows. Since it’s also near my home, I had to give this Italian restaurant a try.

First thing I noticed when I walked up to the restaurant was the cozy interior and warm orange, incandescent lights lighting up the room. It’s not really an open concept kitchen but there is a window where the guests are able to look into the kitchen and see the chefs at work.

Pietro Vulcano

Okay apart from the atmosphere, and friendly service staff, everything else sucked, honestly. my friends and I shared the Vulcano ($24) which is basically a Calzone (folded pizza). The taste of it was average, it’s filled with cream, ham, mozzarella cheese and rocket leaves, topped with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese, nothing special really.

Pietro Risotto Pietro Gnocchi

It was basically a truffle party that evening because all our dishes had the same porcini, sausage and truffle sauce. For our mains, let’s start with the fettuccine ($26) and risotto ($26). Both were not overcooked and had a nice al dente bite to them, but personally, I didn’t like their gnocchi ($28). To me, gnocchi should be small, smaller than the tip joint of your finger because gnocchis that are too big have a rather flour-y taste to it which is not too nice. For me, a good gnocchi is made such that it is big enough to get the texture through the mouth, yet small enough such that there is no excess taste of flour and the sauce coats each gnocchi such that the dumplings and sauce are well ‘married’.

Pietro Full of Disappointments

Moving on to my next disappointment, Pietro seemed to me a very good restaurant at first, but the sauce of the pastas were a complete turn off. The sauce simply had too many ingredients in it which were confusing to the palate!

Porcini is an ingredient classically complementary to truffle, as with many mushrooms, but not so much with their sausage. Another disaster was the use of parsley as garnish. I understand the need to add colour to a dish so that it doesn’t look dull but to add an ingredient which is not even provide complementary flavour to the overall dish is just distracting. Every few bites of pasta I took, was this weird isolated parsley taste which shouldn’t even belong in the dish at all!

Pietro Tiramisu Pietro Panna Cotta

Dessert was half satisfying, half horrifying. Tiramisu ($14) was good, not exactly the traditional type but I’m fine with the cake-style tiramisu as long as the taste is on point, which Pietro did rather well! The disappointing one was the panna cotta. Seeing as panna cotta ($12) is a traditional Italian dessert, I cannot help but feel sorry for the panna cotta being profanely served at the restaurant! Texture of panna cotta is supposed to be pudding-like, soft and almost easy to break when touched. However, Pietro’s panna cotta was more like a cake-y mixture or a tough mousse. It was thick, tough and extremely dissatisfying to consume!

Overall experience for the Pietro is that I would not go back there for a meal. Service was good but the food needs a huge load of improvement if it were to ever live up to its name as an Italian restaurant! Not recommended at all!

Ratings: 3.5/10

Other Info:
12 Jln Kelulut, Singapore 809030

Operating hours:
11am-2.30pm, 6pm-10.30pm, Daily

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