Grub @ Bishan Park Singapore Food Review!

October 7, 2017
Grub Food Review

Okay, So I went with a friend to IKEA to have a simple lunch and bought some stuff for the blog and decided beforehand that we wanted to go to Double Scoops to have their ice cream as she recommended it to me. Well unfortunately for us, we were unlucky enough to not have checked the operating hours and coincidentally, the shop was closed! So having traveled 1 hour from Tampines to Ang Mo Kio, of course we must have something worthwhile! So I decided to visit an old enchantment that I patronized a few years back, Grub.

Grub Mentaiko FriesI couldn’t recall what I had the first time I went there but I remembered having one of their burgers. It was good but I won’t make a return trip for it. This time around, my friend and I both had their pastas, interesting to say the least. For the appetizers we had the Mentaiko Fries ($9). Mayonnaise mixed with Pollock roe gives the sauce a mellow sweet flavour, enhancing the boring mayonnaise into a different animal!

Grub Sakura Ebi PastaGetting on to the pasta, I had Sakura Ebi Pasta ($18) while my friend ordered the Chilli Crab Pasta ($19). Let me talk about the Sakura Ebi Pasta (Because I liked it), overall, the flavour of the dish is good. The pasta is cooked aglio olio style – minus the chilli – which helps retain the crisp texture of the Sakura Ebi! I love how the sweetness of the Sakura Ebi complements the savoury fragrance of the garlic which brings the overall dish together well! A little touch of chilli flakes would be nice too!

Grub Chilli Crab PastaThe Chilli Crab Pasta was actually one of the better pastas I have tasted. The sauce was thick, not too watery compared to the one I had at Fish & Co. The Sauce was sweet and seriously spicy! Even though it’s not watery, the sauce tasted like real chilli crab sauce, which goes surprisingly well with the linguine! Okay enough with the compliments, a huge hole in the roof is that the the linguine is overcooked! Disappointing, especially when the sauce is so well made. The linguine was just past al dente which I feel could be done better on chef’s part. However, I guess most Singaporeans prefer this kind of softer pasta rather than al denteΒ as they feel that the pasta is undercooked.

Overall, the experience is really good, especially when the view of the park is right outside and the hue of the setting sun hit the walls of the cafe with each passing minute. Would really recommend this place for catching up with friends or dates!

Ratings: 7/10

Other info:
510, Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 (Bishan Park 1, Pond Gardens)
Singapore 569983

Operating hours:
11am-3pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm, Monday-Friday
9am-10.30pm, Saturday, Sunday, PH



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