Big Fish Small Fish – Cafe at Container Bistro Singapore Review!

January 14, 2018

Punggol is not really a place known for its food but rather for the beach, fishing jetty and the infamous WWII Japanese Massacre site. As of now, it’s still a developing area with many buildings shooting up faster than bamboo trees! Eyeing to be another one of those densely populated areas in Singapore, it has already establish itself as a go to place for many families around the island.

Right beside Hai Bin Prawning, is the container cafes that once, the whole island was crazed over. Two visits by this beautiful waterway, both times regretting nothing, except the salmon. First time my friend and I had the Salmon ($12.90), Seabass ($11.90) and Dory ($6.90). Second time, we just had the Seabass and Dory.

Normally I would be against deep-drying high-activity fishes such as Seabass because they can get dry (not crispy), especially around the edges. But they got the timing of the fry on point! The Seabass was crispy on the outside with their homemade batter while remaining moist and thoroughly cooked inside. The Dory deserve compliments as well, with tender and flaky flesh, minimal effort needed to consume this marvelous fry.

Okay, I need to clam myself down before I continue. The chips. Is. Are. Close. To. Perfect. As. They. Can. Get! Just looking at them makes my mouth water again! In contrast to the usual french fries we get, the chips resembles those packet potato chips yet taste so heavenly! I reckon they used their own spiced seasoning to get the unique flavour, a flavour I don’t know how to describe.

The sauces are another great accompaniment to the fish! Cheese, Salted egg, XO, tartar. Personally I love the tangy yet sweet XO sauce as well as the ever popular cheese sauce!

Finally, you must be thinking, ‘what about the salmon?’ Well the simple answer is, don’t get it. Not that it’s bad, however, in restaurants, salmon is almost always served any way other than deep-fried. Those that are lucky enough to touch the deep fryers are always the ones that are going bad so they need a way to cover up the lack of freshness. I’m not saying that the salmon that they are serving is not fresh, but the fish is a bit dry, compared to the other two fishes and it can get cloying after a few bites.

Big Fish Small Fish is an absolutely worthy place for lunch, dinner or late night supper! Other than the beautiful food, the gorgeous scenery is just another plus point! Definitely recommend the Seabass and Dory as well as smearing it with the lovely XO sauce!

Ratings: 8/10

Other Info
50 Punggol East, #01-K35, 828826

Operating Hours:
12pm-12am, Sunday-Thursday

12pm-1am, Friday & Saturday


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