Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice – Singapore Food Review!

November 19, 2017
Scissors cut curry rice

Scissors Cut Curry RiceUnassuming, simple or even ugly if you may call it, this plate of curry rice is famed throughout this little island and is well-worth its inexpensive price too! Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice is one of the most well-known brand in Singapore, having recently opened a new outlet at Upper Thomson while retaining their ever popular flagship store at Jalan Besar Road.

Founded uniquely by Hainanese chefs that worked for British households, Hainanese curry is made by replicating the original recipes with local flavours. (Yes, curry is also a British dish – remember the spice trades!) This technically makes it an authentically Singaporean dish!

Scissors Cut Curry Rice

I entered the shop with the unfamiliar sound of rhythmic snips and pauses, almost like a a trademark jingle of the shop, quite pleasant actually. Ordering style is same as ordering at a Cai Fan stall, just tell the man what you want and he takes it for you.

I had no idea what to expect when I first heard of it, who would have thought the store name is the literal meaning of its food – cutting the food with scissors! Initially I thought the curry would be like Chinese chicken curry (cooked with coconut milk for the flavour and fragrance) but the first look (and whiff) at it and I knew that the curry is different in 3 aspects. Firstly, it’s not oily, the colour is less vibrant, leaning more towards the hue of orange-brown, and the strong smell of curry leaves is absent!


Scissors cut curry rice

Look at that sloppy mess of food!

I suggest ordering the braised pork belly, because it’s just so tender and flavourful! Don’t miss out on their braised cabbage too! When asked for what sauces you want, just ask for all because the two sauces with the curry is like kaya, butter and toast, can’t have one without the other.

Scissors Cut Curry Rice

Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice is a very tedious name to say, and personally I love the place! Old style coffee shop with old fashion self-service. Food is excellent especially if you have been starving for up to 2 hours! It’s a sin not to have the three sauces together, so never ask for just the curry, of course unless you have some sort of allergic reaction that can cause death. It’s also a nice place for supper since they close at 3.30am daily, if that’s not enough, there’s always Swee Choon a couple of streets away!

Ratings: 8/10

Other Info
229 Jln Besar, Singapore 208905

Operating Hours:
11am-3.30am, Daily

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