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Glutton (Noun): An excessively greedy eater.Β 

Glutton Bay is started by an average culinary aspirant, with an insatiable love for food, cooking and writing. Eating cooking are my favourite hobbies but one thing stands in the way of all the good food in this world – my pitiful wallet!

I am no food connoisseur, just a guy exploring the world of food in Singapore and soon, the whole world! I don’t expect everyone to have the same views for the dishes I like or dislike but I can assure my own wholly honest reviews on them. Follow me and enter the world of gourmands! Give my Instagram and Facebook a follow too!

    Eat Ramen

    Ramen Hitoyoshi Seletar Mall – Singapore Food Review

    January 17, 2018
    Ramen Hitoyoshi

    What do Naruto and I have in common? Both of us eat ramen after training. After an evening workout session, my friends and I decided on the newly opened ramen restaurant in Seletar Mall, Ramen Hitoyoshi. Opened by 2 locals, who have plied their trade in the Keisuke franchise before, Ramen Hitoyoshi puts their cooking to the test and came up with 2 variation of Tonkotsu, along with the classic Tonkotsu, as well as serving dons. The interior is rather…

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